Genius English School

Child Development Principales : Modern brain development theories confirm that children have an incredible ability to learn. The key is to provide them exposure to a variety of inputs at an early age, and allow them to develop a taste in their particular area of interest.

Academic Philosophy :

“ Academics” does not mean drudgery, boring lectures, or rote learning. It does means hard work, application, and increasing responsibility for self-study without supervision.

- In “ Pre School” the focus of the curriculum is on developing language and Math ability, and providing exposure to several other areas. The Genius English School has an activity oriented learning programs.

- In the “Primary” School, the concept of Subject Rooms will be introduced; learning will be more structured, specialized and intensive. Courses will be offered at different levels, and children will be encouraged to develop a passion for their favourite subjects.

Sports and Games: Physical development is at least as important as mental and spiritual many intelligent and capable adults don’t do well in life, due to chronic ailments, laziness and an inability to work hard for long hours. A robust and fit person in always more productive and achieves more.

In the early ages, muscular and motor development is correlated to other areas as well. For example, the rocking of a child in its mother’s arms stimulates the cochlea, improves hearing and prepares the child for reading skills. Similarly, finger exercise prepare the child for writing.

Activities :

- Sports & Games
- Arts & Craft
- Music
- Dance and Drama

2000 Jan 14

Other Activities :

- Yoga - Quizzing
- Pranayama
- Nature Club
- Science Club
- Gardening
- Outdoor Games club
- Music, Folk Dance

2005 March 18