Shakti Vidhyalay

Child Development Principales : Modern brain development theories confirm that children have an incredible ability to learn. The key is to provide them exposure to a variety of inputs at an early age, and allow them to develop a taste in their particular area of interest.

We believe that :

- Every child is unique and has his own potential
- A child needs both time and space to discover his potential
- Children have a natural curiosity and inherent creative
- Our goal is to retain this and ignite a love for learning
- Early childhood programs ought to help develop cognitive skills, motor skills, emotional control, social attachment and language.
- Play is an important emotional need for very young children the enjoy play’ learn and express themselves through it.
- Meaningful learning experiences and activities can enrich a child’s first encounter with schooling.
- The building of a pre- scholar’s personality is greatly enhanced by a child’s partnership between parents and educators.

2000 Jan 14

Other Facilities :

A ) Laboratories
B) Library
C)Conveyance for the Children
D)Latest Toys
E)Multimedia Hall
F)Computer Labs

2005 March 18